Kenya’s Leading Islamic Bank Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020

19th October 2020 – 23rd October 2020 – During the month of October 2020, Gulf African Bank marked the #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth by standing in solidarity with all people fighting breast cancer and all those affected by it.

To effectively showcase our solidarity and support, staff members were allowed to break the bank’s dress code for a week and pay 200 Kenya shillings daily. The funds went towards supporting palliative care programs for cancer warriors. Staff came adorned in Ankara, Pink, Denim, and sportswear, participating fully in this annual activity.

During this month, we continued to honor the incredible fortitude of breast cancer survivors and stand in solidarity with all those fighting the disease, urged people to remember to adopt healthy choices to improve one’s odds against developing the disease, and called on everyone to continue inspiring hope and become a force for good in the fight against breast cancer by actively reaching out and supporting those affected by the disease.

We presented funds and items donated by our staff members and customers during this period to Nairobi Hospice to go towards supporting palliative care programs for cancer warriors

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