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A part of the Islamic economic system which revolves around justice and morality.

Gulf African Bank is 15 years old, also marking 15 years since Shari’ah compliant banking - pioneered by the Bank - successfully debuted in the Kenyan market offering Kenyans an innovative financing and investing model underpinned by trust and ethics. Gulf African Bank’s product offering is 100 % Shari’ah compliant.

The products are structured in tandem with the requirements of the Islamic financial model. All products, services and related financial transactions are reviewed and approved by the Shari’ah board, which sits independent of the bank’s board of management. In particular, Islamic law prohibits usury, the collection and payment of interest, also commonly called Riba in Islamic discourse.

  • Women Banking

  • Youth Banking

  • Infinite Banking

  • Diaspora Banking

We believe that empowering women to determine their choices and control their own lives can create highly impactful and positive changes within society. Annisaa helps women realize their full potential.

We see you, the young person ready to take on the world and realize your dreams for a better life. As a bank, we are here to hold your hand as you take the next steps to make it happen.

You have worked hard for your success so let's help you keep it. It takes a bank that knows who you are and what you need to help you rise to the next level. You can count on us.

You may be away from home but you are always home with our Diaspora banking services. We are here to ensure that even if you are away, you can always rely on us to accelerate your hopes and aspirations for the future.


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