An Enterpreneur

Your Idea, Our Reality

As an entrepreneur, you know what it takes to create a working business from idea to reality. Being an entrepreneur means taking your fledgling business from humble to highrise through lots of uncertainty and plenty of challenges. As a driven entrepreneur, you always want to grow and expand your business into new areas and at the same enhance its overall performance. As Kenya’s premier SME bank, we are here to walk the walk with you.

We have a range of accounts and financing offerings that recognize your unique needs as an entrepreneur. Whether you need to have access to Internet and mobile banking on the move, require bid bonds and working capital to effectively operate or the assurance of mortgage finance for your home secured by your business, we are the bank that can make it happen for you.

The transactional current accounts that we offer enable you and your business to operate at a high-performance level at all times:

Access to timely and flexible financing can make or break an entrepreneurial business like yours so we have developed a range of services that you will find invaluable:

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