A Start Up

Grow With Us

Building a successful startup is never easy and starting it off right really matters. As a bank that works with many businesses operating in the SME space, we know the unique challenges and opportunities that you face when you want to build a business from scratch. We can help you start your startup right to have the best possible chance of success in a highly unpredictable market landscape.

As a leading SME focussed bank in Kenya, we offer is a range of accounts and financing solutions specifically tailored to the needs of startups that are ready to change the world in new and exciting ways. We share in your drive to grind out long days and nights, bringing your powerful vision of the future to life through your startup.

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We offer easy to use and affordable current accounts to start your business right as below:

Every startup needs financing to get off the ground and we have a range of services that will be invaluable to keep your startup growing:

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