Gulf African Bank - Safe Custody

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At GAB we constantly enhance the range of services we offer to you.Safe Custody Service is available to all GAB account holders and is offered at all hub branches i.e. Upperhill Branch, Kenyatta Branch, Eastleigh (General Wan.ringc St) and Mombasa Branch (NJ..-w:umah rd).

  • Provide the customer with an opportunity to deposit personal locked boxes, sealed envelopes or parcels containing valuables and documents for safe keeping with the bank.

  • Ease of automation

  • Sealed package (envelopes) - Kshs. 1,200.00 (semi-annually).

  • Small boxes (Dimensions: Length 15", depth 3", Width 10") - Kshs. 2,000.00 (semi-Annually).

  • Large boxes (Dimensions: Length 15", depth 6", Width 12")- Kshs. 4,000.00 (semi-annually).

  • The access charge shall be Kshs. 200.00 per item.

  • To reinforce our controls, customers shall provide their own padlocks. The boxes, canvas bags, seals, application form, receipt book and registers required for the service have been dispatched to the branches.