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We have made money transfer easy and accessible through the following options:

This is an international account to account money transfer service.
Speed cash money transfer - Speed cash is a trusted remittance service provider serving 15 countries across the globe. Gulf African Bank through its partner; SAMBA of Saudi Arabia, is offering money transfer services using Speed Cash to the Kenyans in the UAE. Speed cash has the following key benefits:

  • Real time transaction settlement because it is internet based.
  • It is secure because the customer gets a reference number which the receiver of funds must present as authentication.
  • It is affordable.

For Speed cash centre locations click here

This is a local account to account money transfer service within same day remittance.

Western Union Money Transfer is an instant electronic money remitting service offered by Western Union Financial Services International, a US company with over 350,000 agents and sub-agents in more than 200 countries throughout the world. Gulf African Bank Limited offers WU money transfer services in all its branches country wide.

  • EFT (Electronic funds transfer)
  • M-PESA