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Coin fling is a money transfer solution offered by Coin fling Inc Washington Corporation, a money transfer company duly registered and regulated under the laws of the Unites States of America (USA). Coin fling facilitates the transfer of funds from the USA to Kenya. Coin fling money transfer facilitates remittance of funds from the USA through debiting a credit or debit card, and via mobile phone technologies, transmit the same to a beneficiary in Kenya. The Coin fling service is hence a receive only service

The summary transaction process is as follows:

In the United States:

  • The sender downloads a Coin fling mobile application (app) to facilitate transfer of funds.
  • The sender executes a funds transfer from his credit/ debit card using the mobile app charging his card and crediting the Coin fling remittance pool.
  • Upon execution, a ‘send transfer’ message is sent to the Coin fling web portal, and a random code generated and sent to the recipient (in Kenya) via text message. 

1. It is much cheaper than other money transfer services e.g Western Union and the Remmitter is the one who meets the charges and not the Receiver.
2. It is faster- transfer is real-time.
3. Funds can be received by the bank then sent to the receiver via Mpesa upon request - meaning the receiver does not need to come to the branch to collect.
NB: This is a Due-from service only meaning funds can only be transferred from USA to Kenya and not from Kenya to USA