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  • Growth of Islamic Banking Industry

    Remarkable growth, both in terms of size and reach, has been witnessed in the Islamic Finance Industry. Market Size : Estimated around US$ 1.8 trillion in 2013 (2011: US$ 1.3 trillion) Expected Market : Size;Go beyond US$ 2 trillion by 2014
  • Opportunities in the SME sector

    There are several opportunities in the SME sector in Islamic Banking given that Islamic SME banking has developed faster than other segments in the Islamic banks
  • Interest Free Banking

    Since the 1950s Muslims had been creating economic models without interest. A good example being in the1960s with the establishment of the first interest free bank in Karachi
  • Knowledge Enhancement

    The Islamic Finance forum also seeks to enhance knowledge on the principles of Islamic Finance and to equip participants with comprehensive, practical and up to date knowledge on Islamic Finance systems
  • Networking

    The Islamic Finance forum provides meet and greet opportunity with the market leaders on a local and global scale
  • Demystifying Islamic Banking

    This forum helps to demystify Islamic banking as a mode of banking meant for Muslims only. It is not about the Islam faith, but the banking concept itself which forbids conventional financial practices such as speculation and betting
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