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Corporate Financing

Asset Finance:-  This product is offered through Ijara/& or Diminishing Musharaka. We offer financial solutions for Fleet owners, Purchase of Trucks,  Acquisition of Machinery, Plant &Factory installations etc. Under Ijara ,GAB leases the asset to the client for the agreed maximum repayment tenure, whilst under DM , GAB  co owns the asset  jointly with the clients at  a ratio of  80:20.

Stock Financing:- This product is offered through Murabaha Financing mode. Clients who have financing needs in stocks, mostly short term are offered this facility. Examples include Petroleum dealers, Commodity Traders, First moving commodity goods, Hardware dealers etc.

Construction Finance:-  The product is offered through Diminishing Musharaka Sale & Lease back. Clients presents an approved project  to the bank .GAB finances the construction through approved cerficates.

Trade Financing:- This encompasses Letters of Credit,Gaurantees, Bonds etc.

Structured Financing:- We offer tailor made financing solutions be it in Trade finance, stock finance, construction, which involves a mixture of the different Islamic products Murabaha, Ijara  or diminishing Musharaka.

Collateral Financing Arrangements:-  For clients who have financing needs , but they do not have any security to offer.
The bank offers financing solutions to this pertinent financing requirement, by taking the stocks to be financed as collateral. The bank will manage the stocks jointly  with  established collateral managers  in the country . The client will access the stocks after paying directly to the bank. Products financed through this scheme, includes Sugar,Rice,Fuel,Fertilizer and all first moving commodity goods.

Financing Syndications:- GAB partners with other financial institutions to co finance big projects, and also cross border financing deals which will involve other banks.