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Sheikh Professor Mohammed S. Badamana

Sheikh Professor Mohamed S. Badamana is the Chairman of Department of Animal Production, University of Nairobi. He holds a PHD in Islamic studies from the University of Khartoum. He has lectured and examined MA and PHD students at the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta in the department of Philosophy and Religious studies. He has presented papers at many international forums as well as published in many journals and papers. He is a leading figure in the society's collective attempts towards Islamic welfare in Kenya. Professionally, his interests lie in Veterinarian, Animal Nutrition, Livestock Production Systems and Dairy Cattle, in which his contributions have been acknowledged internationally.

Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arboun

Dr. Mohammed Burhan  Arbouna is currently the Head of Shari’ah Compliance at  Al Salam Bank Bahrain and also served as the Shari’ah Head and Shari’ah Board member in the Seera Investment Bank BSC Bahrain. He holds a PhD in laws with specialization in Islamic banking and finance from International Islamic University Malaysia, and Masters in Comparative Laws. He also holds BA degree in Shari’ah and Higher Diploma in Education from Islamic University, Medina. He is an expert in Islamic banking and finance since 1997. He has also served as a consultant for the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) – Bahrain. Dr. Arbouna is a memberof Islamic Money Market Framework (IMMF) steering committee initiated by Central Bank of Bahrain.

Mufti Ahmed Suliman 

Mufti Ahmed Suliman is a renowned Islamic scholar who is based in South Africa. He has extensive knowledge in Islamic banking having graduated in Darul ilm in Pakistan and also holds post graduate degree in Islamic Finance. He is the chairman of the Malawi Islamic investment Fund and a Shari’ah Board member of Islamic Bank in Nigeria and was the chairman of the Shari’ah Board at ABSA Bank in South Africa, and has been appointed as a Shari’ah consultant to several Islamic banks. Mufti Suliman also tutors in the institute of Islamic banking institute which is based in London and has facilitated extensive trainings on Shari’ah Banking in different parts of the continent. 

The Role of the Shari’ah Supervision Board

  • Supervise and approve the development of Shari’ah compliant investment and financing products.
  • Supervise and approve the development of Shari’ah compliant procedures.
  • Analyse, advise and direct the bank on new situations reported by different departments, branches or customers to ensure Shari’ah compliance before the Bank implements new products or procedure.
  • Certify Shari’ah compliance of Bank’s product documents, contracts and agreements.
  • Recommend, as necessary, on administrative decisions, issues and matters that require the Board’s approval.
  • Supervise Shari’ah training programmes for the Bank’s staff. Prepare an annual report on the Bank’s Shari’ah compliance.

For its part, Gulf African Bank has established strong checks and balances to ensure that no form of investment or business activity is undertaken that has not been approved in advance by our Shari’ah Board. Management is required to continuously report and certify to the Shari’ah Board that business activities conform to Shari’ah.