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Mortgage Finance

We offer this at a profit rate of 14.0%p.a* for properties in major urban centers under the following terms and conditions:-

  1. Maximum Finance amount will be 80% of purchase price/valuation amount.
  2. Profit Rate is set at 14.0% p.a. Based on a variable CBR (currently 10%) plus a margin of 4%
  3. Security for the facility will be:-
  4. 1st ranking Legal Charge over property
  5. Property insurance at market value with GAB named as 1st loss payee
  6. Mortgage protection Insurance Cover by Takaful
  7. Repayment allowed will be up to a maximum of 20 years capped to your retirement age policy.
  8. Administration& Documentation  fee 2%
  9. Subject to change as per Central Bank Regulations

How to open GAB Diaspora Account