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Diaspora Mortgage

Let us make your dream of investing back home come true with our range of facilities which will allow you to;

  1. Buy your dream home
  2. Purchase land for commercial and personal use
  3. Construct personal or commercial building

Requirements and documents for facility processing

  1. Proof of employment with pay-slips for last 3 months
  2. Letter from employer confirming employment status, clearly stating the terms of employment, retirement age and remuneration
  3. Work Permit and  Valid Visa for the host country
  4. Must reside abroad- proof of residence e.g rental payments or title deed.
  5. Kenyan passport
  6. Notarized documentation done by Kenyan Embassy, Notary Public, current banker
  7. Proof of other incomes.
  8. Utility bill and Bank statements for the latest 6 months
  9. PIN Certificate where applicable.
  10. Open GAB Bank account
  11. Three passport size photographs
  12. Sale agreement duly signed by both parties and witnessed by a lawyer or vendor offer letter or draft sale agreement.
  13. Copy of title to property being purchased/charged (Minimum lease term 45 years)
  14. Net disposable income for mortgage repayments to be considered up to
  15. 50% for salaries less than kes.50,000/=
  16. 60% for salaries more than Kes. 50,000/=.
  17. We finance upto the following amounts of the property
  18. Residential upto 80% for 20 years for own use and 10 years for commercial
  19. Plot upto 70% for 5 years
  20. Construction 70% upto 10 years
  21. Up to 50% of gross income(rental) considered for mortgage repayments

How to open GAB Diaspora Account