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Department: Operations

Location: Head Office, Nairobi, Kenya

Job Purpose

  • The Manager, Projects, is responsible for the day to day management of a portfolio of projects in the Bank, initiated by all units, by co-ordinating and managing cross-functional project teams.
  • The position holder will coordinate all projects of the Bank, ensuring completion on time, within budget and within scope, to generate value for the Bank.

Key Responsibilities

  • The Manager, Projects, will develop a detailed strategy that will facilitate proper management of projects. Specifically he/she will:
  • Design methodology and procedures relating to project management
  • Develop the templates necessary for monitoring project progress
  • Prepare project definition and detailed plans for each project
  • Define the responsibilities, work scope and target for each member of the project team for each project.
  • Monitor and manage risks and opportunities
  • Manage the resolution of issues relating to each project.
  • Manage the scope of each project and control changes in the scope of a project
  • Deliver the project deliverables on time, on budget, at agreed quality
  • Communicate with stakeholders; give updates to EXCO on status of each project from time to time.
  • Manage the closure of each project.
  • Ensure individual integrity and professionalism by adhering to legal requirements and ethical standards in order to protect the Bank and stakeholders.

Key accountabilities

Accountabilities for each project

Initiating stage:

  • Determine project goals by identifying and working with stakeholders in order to meet their requirements, specifications and expectations
  • Determine the product or service deliverables by reviewing or generating the scope of work, requirements, and expectations
  • Determine project management processes outputs by applying appropriate practices, tools and methodologies to ensure required product/service delivery
  • Document project constraints through coordination with stakeholders and review policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Document assumptions by determining information that must be validated, or situations to be controlled during the project in order to facilitate the project planning process.
  • Define the project strategy by evaluating alternative approaches to meet stakeholder requirements, specifications and expectations
  • Identify performance criteria by referring to product/service specifications and process standards
  • Determine the key resource requirements by referring to deliverables in order to support planning and decision making
  • Define an appropriate project budget and schedule by determining time and cost estimates in order to support decision making.
  • Provide comprehensive information by producing a formal document to obtain an approval decision from stakeholders.

Planning the project

  • Refine project requirements, assumptions and constraints through communication with stakeholders and /or by reviewing project documents to baseline the scope of work and enable development of the execution plan.
  • Create the work breakdown structure (breakdown of activities) using the scope of work, other project documents, and decomposition techniques to facilitate detailed project planning and the executing, controlling and closing processes
  • Develop the resource management plan (Human resource, procurement etc) by identifying resource requirements and obtaining commitments from internal, external and procured sources to complete all project activities.
  • Refine project time and cost estimates
  • Establish project controls by defining the required correct processes, measures and controls to manage change, communications, procurement, risk, quality and human resources.
  • Develop a formal and comprehensive project plan by integrating and documenting project deliverables, acceptance criteria, processes, procedures, risks, and tasks to facilitate execution, control and closure.
  • Obtain project plan approval by reviewing the plan with the initiating department (Client) and other required stakeholders to confirm project baselines prior to proceeding with project executing process.

Executing the project

  • Commit project resources in accordance with the project plan to ensure that all activities are performed.
  • Implement the project plan by authorizing the execution of project activities and tasks to produce project deliverables
  • Manage project progress by ensuring that activities are executed as planned in order to achieve project objectives
  • Ensure projects are completed within scope, timelines and budget
  • Communicate project progress by producing project reports to provide timely and accurate project status and decision support information to stakeholders

Contacts for this position


  • Departmental Heads
  • Management Committees


  • Consultants
  • Suppliers, vendors and contractors
  • External service providers
  • Regulators

Qualifications and experience


  • Business graduate from an accredited university, Project Management qualifications mandatory.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in banking, a good understanding of banking processes, services and products, with 3 years at Manager Level.
  • Experience in managing projects, especially ICT related projects and coordinating a cross-functional committees.

Personal Attributes

  • Ability to prepare an effective work plan and organize his/her time in a manner that enables that plan to be implemented
  • Ability to get on well with people and to influence through leadership skills
  • Strong networking skills, both externally and within the Bank
  • Good negotiations skills to negotiate with stakeholders
  • Dynamic individual, who takes pride in his/her work, and has the ability the thrive in a competitive and dynamic environment (working effectively under pressure)
  • Excellent understanding of Bank policies, both Shari’ah and other
  • Problem solving and analysis skills especially within a business context; good business sense is a key requirement
  • Professionalism, i.e. ability to win the confidence of, and work effectively with clients and colleagues

How to apply

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