An Empowered Woman Empowers Everyone

Annisaa Defined

If you are a woman running a business with at least 50%+ women shareholding where women are actively involved in the management and you need excellent financial services, look no further. We fully understand the financial needs of women and your other related needs so we take it upon ourselves to design and package products that enable you to achieve what matters most to you.
Our women’s banking program cuts across all our business segments and provides specialized service and opportunities in retail, SME, corporate, treasury and trade finance.

We classify and track all your personal and business accounts by gender to monitor the growth of your individual and business capacity. By intentionally empowering women, we give you the ability to determine your choices and have the power to control your life and to influence economic change, locally and internationally.

Beyond Banking Services

We seek to ensure we achieve several things for you:

Exclusivity: Get personalized service at our prestigious women-only branches (Annisaa Branches) and Annisaa teller counters. This is the first of its kind in East Africa.
Save money on your purchases: Let your shilling go further. Use your debit card and enjoy great discounts from the various outlets that Gulf African Bank has partnered with. To find out more about our discount partners, visit
Strategic Partners: We have strategically partnered with organizations that share our vision of empowering the modern woman. To find out more about our strategic partners, visit

Advisory Services: We are dedicated to understanding your needs and financial goals as a woman as the basis to give you specific solutions for your financial well-being.
Information to Power up your life: Our proposition to you goes beyond banking. We are the first institution in East Africa to develop a women’s-only website; that addresses both your economic and social needs.
Log in today and enjoy the following benefits.

  • 1. Network and get inspired by women who are successful professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • 2. Stay abreast of global trends with captivating articles in the knowledge hub.
  • 3. Our resident chef is just a click away with exciting recipes for easy and delicious meals.

Expanding your horizons: Capacity building is a key component to ensuring your sustainable growth. Our Women Entrepreneurship & Networking Workshop (WENW) provides the necessary tools to help build your long-term financial well-being for yourself, your business and your family.
Get practical guidance from experts, inspiration from successful women and skills to enhance your business.

Safe Custody You can trust us with more than just your money! Gulf African Bank guarantees you peace of mind regarding your valuables, documents and precious items. We keep them safe from loss, theft or damage in a secure vault.
GAB continuously seeks to customize solutions to address your unique needs as an individual woman and a powerhouse entrepreneur. We understand and appreciate the unique role that women play in society as wives, mothers, businesswomen and professional women. Some of the customer
value propositions for you include:

  • Annisaa Centers (Women only branches – for women by women) -We have prestigious women-only branches with dedicated staff who offer personalized service to our Annisaa customers. We are the first Bank to launch women-only branches in East Africa. Our first Annisaa Centre was opened in Eastleigh in 2012.
  • Annisaa Advisory Team – We have a dedicated team of Annisaa champions in our branches to serve and address all your needs.
  • Annisaa Finance product – We understand that a major hindrance to women accessing finance (loans) is the fact that the majority them do not have tangible security. To ensure that you can access funds, we launched a financing product for women in micro-enterprises.
  • Annisaa Auto Insurance (Takaful) – Our Auto Takaful comprehensive insurance cover has additional benefits that perfectly addresses your needs i.e. handbag cover, AA Kenya membership, trauma counselling, courtesy car, etc.
  • Annisaa Web Portal – Our women banking offering goes beyond banking solutions. We are the first institution in Kenya to have a women-only website that addresses your unique needs as an individual, parent, professional and entrepreneur.

Are you looking for funds to finance your business growth? Check out Annisaa Biashara financing; we recognize and appreciate women in business and strive to support you at every turn.

  • Repayment period of 6 months – 18months
  • Facility amount- up to Ksh. 3 Million
  • 100% financing
  • 100% financing
  • Minimum financing amount of Kshs. 100,000
  • Maximum financing amount of Kshs. 3M
  • Maximum tenor of 18 months for Stock financing
  • Flexible security i.e. Stock, logbook, a title deed, and chattels mortgage
  • Bank/Mpesa statement for the last 12 Months

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